The Sweet Beet founder Lizzy Hodcroft has always had a passion for exploring the wider world, in life, in business and in flavour. Now through the creation of a range of innovative and mouth-watering condiments Lizzy is empowering the nation to experiment and create their own flavour fusions to declare war on the mundane. Building on culinary skills developed through various roles in the hospitality industry, Lizzy recognised a demand from consumers for easy to incorporate solutions that could either liven up an everyday dinner or offer a base ingredient for experimenting with unique and inspired creations.


The Sweet Beet was born in 2017 and has gone from strength to strength, inspiring home cooks across the country with the confidence to explore and invent in their own kitchens, whilst bringing Lizzy the excitement and passion of entrepreneurship where she is quickly being recognised as one of the rising stars of the industry. The Sweet Beet has won numerous awards including a Great Taste Award 2017 for Maple Bacon Jam and listings in speciality wholesalers such as The Cress Co and Divine Fine Foods alongside on-line retailer Ocado. Having found her own beat through entrepreneurship, Lizzy is also on a mission to inspire and nurture other creative start-ups, building on the success of being awarded North East Young Entrepreneur of the Year for 2017.

Somewhere along the way, I discovered entrepreneurship and start up. Being a part of entrepreneurship and the start-up space has made me seek out challenges and goals that I would have never set for myself. It made me confront the future head on but most of all, it made me realise that I had a future in the first place. Every day I found myself inspired by another founder or start-up, their tenacity, their ideas, growth and positivity. And one day it dawned on me that others felt the same towards me.
In the past two years, I have made a successful food business, winning awards for taste and innovation. In 2017, I was crowned Young Entrepreneur of the Year for the North East and have also found myself shortlisted for this award again. I went from self-harming to radio interviews on the BBC, pitching in front of the investors in Dragon’s Den and creating quite a platform for myself in public speaking.
I am also co-founder of myndr. A peer to peer mental health platform for support and goal setting.
Emma Reilly approached me at the end of summer in 2018 with an idea to empower those struggling with mental health. It was a vision I could not refuse to be apart of. Check it out HERE


“I have worked closely with Lizzy over the past 12 months and a number of attributes have truly impressed me: for example, her deep knowledge and understanding of the food industry generally and the condiment sector in particular, enables her to take calculated risks, and this defines her innovative and refreshing approach to creating exciting new products. But the evangelistic nature of her mission does not mean she is oblivious to reality: she manages to blend fervent self-belief with the ability to listen to the views and opinions of others, clearly understanding that great products (and businesses!) are the result of a subtle mix of ingredients – no coincidence that she is an expert chef! She is the personification of her product and as eclectic as her product range; born in Texas, made in the UK!”

-Frank Speight, Honcho


Sometimes, I think we have a tendency to look at successful people and imagine they just sprang out of bed one day, ready to challenge the world and become a leader. But everyone has a history and on a day to day basis, we are all terrified of messing up. Personally, I don’t think these kind of insecurities are shared nearly enough with other women. Because we are all trying to be so perfect, we forget how humbling it can be to just be a human being, trying our best and sharing our struggles with others.

Lizzy Hodcroft, Founder