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The Sweet Beet loves a perfect pairing. The bold flavours our condiments deliver work well with beer.  As an independent North East business, we decided to look for local beers to pair with our products. We asked Dean and Rich otherwise known as ‘the chaps’ from Brew Stories to taste our range and pair each with a local beer.

Grab some crackers and a beer and get tasting these powerful combinations.

Habanero Lime Jelly

Donzoko Helles is a Lager/ Wheat beer that has an aroma of hop, grass, citrus and tropical fruit. It has a refreshing finish that compliments the sweet and tangy taste left by our Habanero Lime Jelly.

Oak Smoked Apple Butter

Wylam Jakehead IPA has matured fruity aromas. The autumnal notes of mango and apricots in the beer, combined with the sweetness and smoky taste of our Apple Butter make for a taste sensation.

Maple Bacon Jam

Our Maple Bacon Jam offers the sweet and the salty and so to fully bring out its maple taste, a porter with aromas of roasted malts, chocolate and coffee is just right. Selected by The Chaps, Credence Porter is the beer in this perfect pair.

Strawberry Chipotle BBQ

Our Strawberry Chipotle BBQ adds a twist to the regular BBQ sauce. Its strawberry tastes bring out a sweetness that matches well with Brown Ales. For a local beer, The Chaps chose Anarchy Brown Ale. It has nutty and caramel undertones that match with the sweetness hiding in our Chipotle BBQ.

Texas Beer Jelly

According to The Chaps our Beer Jelly works well with McColls Session Sorachi. It’s a mellow saison with mild hints of coconut and bubble gum.

You buy our condiments on our website shop. To find out more about the local beers The Chaps have selected here as well as many more local beers, head on over to their website.