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Smokey, salty, sticky and sweet, and with more bacon than any other bacon jam on the market, this Maple Bacon Jam has real flavour and one of the highest bacon contents around. Our smoked pork helps to capture a deeper, bolder flavour which when added to their genuine Canadian Maple Syrup becomes an absolute American classic flavour. This product can be enjoyed with burgers and sandwiches or used as a rub, dissolved in a sauce or used to construct a beautiful marinade! (Or as some customers report, eat the entire jam in one sitting straight from the jar!

Reviews From Ocado

  • ‘Better than expected!! – I was a little sceptical and not really sure what to do with this but always curious for new things!! I did check out their website for some ideas for how to use it. Tried it smothered on a bun for a hot dog and it was really tasty! I can think I’d mix with mayo or put on chicken etc. For bbq effect. Tasted of proper bacon and impressed with ingredients as its not an artificial flavour. Not sure I’d pay full price without having tried it as a lot to spend if you’re not sure.’
  • ‘Oh my this is lush – Try mixing this will some mayo fabulous on Southern fried chicken burgers just yummy!’

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