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With Summer well under way, you’ll want to be in the sun, mastering the most timeless of endeavours…outdoor cooking. Well, North East Food has put together a list of cooking tools you can use to get restaurant standard cooking at home!

Weber BBQ

I’ve been through quite a few BBQs in my time. Some lost to rust, others to poor build quality. One of the best brands that wont let you down is a solid Weber BBQ.

Whether it’s a classic kettle or more advanced smoker, their impeccable build quality and weather resistant design makes them a first rate choice worldwide.



Chimney BBQ Starter

Instant lighting charcoal and lighter cubes are packed full of chemicals that you really don’t want touching your food. These chimney starters are worlds ahead of the chemical filled alternatives. 

Simply fill the chimney up with charcoal, place some chemical free fire lighters or cardboard underneath, and set it alight on your BBQ. Not only will you find your briquettes are ready to use quicker, but you can avoid coals soaked in all sorts of stuff you don’t want on your food!




Uuni Pizza Oven

Nothing impresses quite like freshly made pizza and it doesn’t get easier at home than with the Uuni  pizza oven. At around £200 these portable ovens are a little pricey, but totally worth it when you can cook a pizza in 60 seconds (when at temperature).

Using wood pellets, this easy to use oven heats up in 10 minutes and reaches temperatures of up to 500ºC, making restaurant quality pizza a piece of cake.


Okay, so there’s lots of meat grills out there, but again Weber=quality. These awesome digital thermometers take the guessing game out of BBQing, ensuring your meat is properly cooked every time. Whether you’re cooking up chicken thighs or slow cooked meats, you can ensure the perfect internal temperature every time.

Not only this, you can measure up to 4 different temperatures at once and with built in bluetooth you can monitor it all using your smart phone!

Stuffed Burger Press

The ultimate solution in gourmet burger making is here. Grab a stuffed burger press and fill your burgers with whatever fillings you want for the pinnacle of BBQ goodness.

Whether your burgers are oozing with rich cheddar or bursting with the flavours of Sweet Beet’s jams, you can be sure you’re going to impress. You can even wrap all that goodness in bacon and pretty much win at life!