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What’s with all the puns you might be asking? Across social media and the website recently there’s been a new voice speaking through The Sweet Beet’s.


That voice is me, Louis, a soon to be English Literature graduate at Newcastle University. You might be wondering how an English student has ended up amidst condiments. So, in the tradition of all English students it’s always best to explain these things in writing and tell you the story of my first week working for The Sweet Beet.


I knew I wanted to work in marketing. I have a knack for selling and creating with words. After a not so successful internship previously I was motivated to find an environment that would suit me. After meeting Susie, a soon to be mum and Lizzy in the office amidst my dissertation deadlines there was something about both that calmed me. At the same time, I was motivated. I’ve always been motivated by strong and empowering women. I even chose this topic for my dissertation. Lizzy is doing just that with her brand, empowering herself.


habanero lime jelly

My favourite’s the Habanero Lime Jelly for sure!

On my first day, whilst I was familiarising myself with the brand I read Lizzy’s Entrepreneur of the Year award speech and I was moved by her bravery. Lizzy’s story is a story of courage and that comes through with the brand. In my first week on the Beet I’ve been embracing this bravery. I’m being allowed to use the talents and personality I already have to grow and that says something for a start-up business.


In the way that we’re hoping to challenge the bland with recipes and Lizzy’s condiments, I’m hoping to challenge the bland in the way this brand story is told. So, keep up to date with our social media, and the website for more blog posts as we tell this story; a story that I’m becoming part of.

Louis is a soon to be English Literature graduate who is working for The Sweet Beet as a Social Media and Web Manager