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Every start-up has a journey. The Sweet Beet is no exception. In a start-up business it’s the people that make the business, cultivating a story and hopefully propelling it into success. Those people also have their own journeys and so here’s some insight on The Sweet Beet’s small but hugely passionate team.

Lizzy- Founder


‘Before The Sweet Beet Lizzy I was working in a restaurant as Duty Manager with a little side job of helping to get their sister street food company on the road again. In life, I was pottering along but certainly not fulfilling my potential. I knew I wanted to start something of my own and so one thing led to another’ Lizzy says.

That’s how The Sweet Beet came about. A condiment company, founded by Lizzy, which aims to challenge the bland and inspire innovation through flavour.

Lizzy says she hopes that in the future The Sweet Beet brand will be recognised as a leader in innovation and flavour within the condiment market and if given the opportunity she’d love to be able to produce a recipe book that reflects The Sweet Beet’s authenticity and passion.

Susie- Head of Sales


Susie has worked for 15 years in drink focussed roles. She started out in Field Sales and progressed to Head of International Sales before coming to The Sweet Beet.

Susie is now a consultant. ‘I am very passionate about working with businesses who have the passion and desire to build their brand. I was drawn to working for The Sweet Beet due to Lizzy’s energy and capability to build the business’ she says.

In the future Susie sees The Sweet Beet brand as being synonymous with quality and innovation in the condiments category, hoping to see it listed with some key UK retailers and trading partners as well as having a presence in International markets.

Louis- Social Media and Web Manager


Louis has just graduated from a degree in English Literature from Newcastle University. Before The Sweet Beet he has worked as a social media manager for a growing cinema chain and interned for a different start-up.

Louis says: ‘I choose to apply for The Sweet Beet because they seemed to be a brand that valued authenticity and that’s what I’m looking for. From the offset I was empowered and inspired by Susie and Lizzy and this brand story’

‘Lizzy’s passion and humanity is something that should be recognised’ he says. In future Louis hopes to see The Sweet Beet grow and be a brand that challenges the way people think about the condiments.